• Little Miss Grasshopper

    Little Miss Grasshopper

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    简介: In Dresden, not far from the Terrace on the Elbe, stands a large stone house. One sunny July morning Herr Feland was sitting there in his easy chair, and holding such a large newspaper in front...

  • The Historical Christ

    The Historical Christ

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    简介: This little volume was written in the spring of the year 1913, and is intended as a plea for moderation and good sense in dealing with the writings of early Christianity; just as my earlier vol...

  • Sir Rowland Hill

    Sir Rowland Hill

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    简介: In Gladstones “musings for the good of man,” writes John Morley in his Life of the dead statesman (ii. 56, 57), the “Liberation of Intercourse, to borrow his own larger name for ...

  • The Life Story of a Black Bear

    The Life Story of a Black Bear

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    简介: There is always tragedy when man invades the solitudes of the earth, for his coming never fails to mean the destruction of the wild things. But, surely, nowhere can the pathos be greater than w...

  • The Orloff Couple and Malva

    The Orloff Couple and Malva

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    简介: Alexei Maximovitch Peshkoff was born March 14, 1869, at Nijni Novgorod. On both his fathers and mothers side he belonged to the people; his father followed the trade of a jobbing upholsterer, a...

  • Postal Riders and Raiders

    Postal Riders and Raiders

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    简介: The mud-sills of this book are hewn from the presupposition that the person who reads it has not only the essentially necessary equipment to do his own thinking, but also a more or less practic...

  • The Transient Lake

    The Transient Lake

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    简介: “Stranger than the tales of the Arabian Nights—indeed, almost Munchausen-like in its seemingly improbable character is the tale I am about to give you in truth,” said Captain Nic...

  • Mightier than the Sword

    Mightier than the Sword

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    简介: If you had been standing on a certain cold night in January opposite the great building where The Day is jewelled in electric lights across the dark sky, you would have seen a little, stout man...

  • The Silver Bullet

    The Silver Bullet

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    简介: "We had better lie down and die," said Robin peevishly. "I cant go a step further," and to emphasise his words he deliberately sat.

  • The Story of Viteau

    The Story of Viteau

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    简介: BY the side of a small stream, which ran through one of the most picturesque portions of the province of Burgundy, in France, there sat, on a beautiful day in early summer, two boys, who were b...

  • Lucian the dreamer

    Lucian the dreamer

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    简介: The railway station stood in the midst of an apparent solitude, and from its one long platform there was no sign of any human habitation. A stranger, looking around him in passing that way, mig...

  • Barbara Winslow, Rebel

    Barbara Winslow, Rebel

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    简介: Whether James, Duke of Monmouth, would have succeeded in his enterprise had a different fortune attended his army at Sedgemoor, is a favourite subject for speculation among historians and other...

  • John Chambers

    John Chambers

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    简介: John Chambers was one of the first among popular preachers of the nineteenth century in Philadelphia, and the pastor for fifty years of one congregation.

  • Behind the Footlights

    Behind the Footlights

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    简介: Girlish Dreams of Success—Golden Glitter—Overcrowding—Few successful—Weedon Grossmith—Beerbohm Tree—How Mrs. Tree made Thousands for the War Fund—The Stage Do...

  • Fanny Lambert

    Fanny Lambert

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    简介: He was an orphan blessed with a small competency. His income, to use his own formula, consisted of a hundred a year and an uncle. During the first four months or so of the year he spent the hun...

  • Slaves Of Freedom

    Slaves Of Freedom

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    简介: The excessively thin man glanced up from the puddle of lime that he was stirring and regarded the excessively fat man with a smile of meek interrogation.

  • The Black Lion Inn

    The Black Lion Inn

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    简介: Years ago, I came upon an old and hoary tavern when I as a fashion of refugee was flying from strong drink. Its name, as shown on the creaking sign-board, was The Black Lion Inn. My coming was ...

  • A Creature of the Night

    A Creature of the Night

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    简介: I think it is Lord Beaconsfield who, in one of his brilliant stories, makes the clever observation that "adventures are to the adventurous," and certainly he who seeks for adventures ev...

  • War and the Arme Blanche

    War and the Arme Blanche

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    简介: I have read with the greatest interest Mr. Childers’s illuminating book “War and the Arme Blanche.” My opinion of the subject with which it deals is already so well known through...

  • Old Man Savarin Stories

    Old Man Savarin Stories

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    简介: "Yes, indeed, my grandfather wass once in jail," said old Mrs. McTavish, of the county of Glengarry, in Ontario, Canada; "but that wass for debt, and he wass a ferry honest man what...

  • Peeps at Royal Palaces of Great Britain

    Peeps at Royal Palaces of Great Britain

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    简介: If a palace be a royal residence, as the dictionary defines it, then nearly all the famous castles of England would come under that title, for the Norman and Plantagenet Kings were constantly m...

  • The Piccadilly Puzzle

    The Piccadilly Puzzle

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    简介: At two oclock in the morning during the month of August sounds of music could be heard proceeding from a brilliantly lighted house in Park Lane, where a ball was being given by the Countess of ...

  • The Man with a Secret

    The Man with a Secret

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    简介: It was the high road to the village of Garsworth, wide, deeply rutted, and somewhat grass-grown, with a tall hedge of yellow-blossomed gorse on the one side, and on the other a ragged, broken f...

  • Our Fellows

    Our Fellows

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    简介: My name is Joseph Coleman, and at the time my story begins I was sixteen years of age. Mark was my twin brother; and he looked and acted so much like me, or else I looked and acted so much like...

  • Railroad Reorganization

    Railroad Reorganization

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    简介: It sometimes happens that experiences long since past seem to be repeated, and that knowledge apparently forgotten proves again of service. This is illustrated by the subject of railroad reorga...

  • Miss Mephistopheles

    Miss Mephistopheles

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    简介: A wet Sunday--dreary, dismal, and infinitely sloppy. Even the bells ringing the people into evening service seemed to feel the depressing influence of the weather, and their brazen voices sound...

  • The Story of Westminster Abbey

    The Story of Westminster Abbey

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    简介: Geoffreys father had gone to be the representative of the Mother Country in one of the distant Colonies, and as the boy had "more brains than body," to quote his house-master, his paren...

  • Young Lord Stranleigh

    Young Lord Stranleigh

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    简介: IT was shortly after nine o’clock in the morning that young Lord Stranleigh of Wychwood, in a most leisurely fashion, descended the front steps of his town house into the street. The young...

  • Boys Who Became Famous Men

    Boys Who Became Famous Men

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    简介: One summer morning, long ago, a small boy guarded his fathers sheep on a hillside in the Apennines. Up and down the stony pasture he trod, driving back the lambs who strayed too far, and trying...

  • The Voyage of the Arrow

    The Voyage of the Arrow

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    简介: In setting down this tale, I will say at the beginning that I am only a sailorman, and rough. Therefore, if I offend, I crave pardon, for my knowledge is only that of the sea, and my manners ar...