• The Sapphire Signet

    The Sapphire Signet

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    简介: It was five o\'clock and a very dull, dark afternoon in Charlton Street. One by one lights had twinkled out in all the little two-story-and-dormer-windowed houses on the block,in all but one. T...

  • Carl The Trailer

    Carl The Trailer

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    简介: This conversation took place between Col. Dodge, the commander of a small fort situated Page 2 on the outskirts of the Standing Rock Agency, and his commissary, who had come in to report the co...

  • The House Of Dreams-Come-True

    The House Of Dreams-Come-True

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    简介: THE great spaces of the hall seemed to slope away into impenetrable gloom; velvet darkness deepening imperceptibly into sable density of panelled wall; huge, smoke-blackened beams, stretching w...

  • The Abysmal Brute

    The Abysmal Brute

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    简介: Sam Stubener ran through his mail carelessly and rapidly. As became a manager of prize-fighters, he was accustomed to a various and bizarre correspondence. Every crank, sport, near sport, and r...

  • The Holy Land

    The Holy Land

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    简介: The secrets of satisfactory travel are mainly twoto have certain questions ready to ask; and to detach oneself from preconceptions, so as to find not what one expects, or desires to find, but w...

  • The Golden Circle 黄金圈

    The Golden Circle 黄金圈

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    简介: Youll be entirely out of luck if you dont lie right down and go to sleep! Florence Huyler, her pal, exclaimed, making a significant gesture toward a sofa pillow which, as the little French girl...

  • With Mask and Mitt

    With Mask and Mitt

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    简介: If, for the beginning of this story, the reader finds himself carried back to the middle of \"In the Line,\" let him not suspect a twice-told tale. The current of school life runs swiftly through...

  • The New Spirit

    The New Spirit

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    简介: No alterations have been made in this edition. It is true that three of the figures here studied were living when the book was written; but their genius had matured, their work was for the most...

  • Little Prince小王子

    Little Prince小王子

    作者:Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介:我请孩子们原谅我把这本书献给了一个大人。我有一个很重要的理由:这个大人是我在世界上最好的朋友。我还有另一个理由:这个大人他什么都能懂,甚至给孩子 们写的书他也能懂。我的第三个理由是:这个大人住在法国...

  • The Young Train Dispatcher

    The Young Train Dispatcher

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    简介: Stretching from the Atlantic seaboard on the east to the Mississippi River on the west, lies the great P. & O. Railroad, comprising, all told, some four thousand miles of track.

  • Shifting For Himself

    Shifting For Himself

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    简介: Shifting for Himself records the experiences of a boy who, in the course of a preparation for college, suddenly finds himself reduced to poverty. He is obliged to leave his books, and give up h...

  • Life of Robert Stevenson

    Life of Robert Stevenson

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    简介: The addresses made to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Institution of Civil Engineers, at the opening meetings of the session1851, contained obituary notices of Robert Stevenson. The lat...

  • The Valley of Gold

    The Valley of Gold

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    简介: The east wind blew furiously, beating gray sheets down the streaming panes. Along the village street flowed a turbid torrent, the squalid wash of an \"old-timer-three-days\'-blow\" from the Great...

  • The Girl Scouts' Canoe Trip

    The Girl Scouts' Canoe Trip

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    简介: At a peaceful spot along the Silver Creek, where the water was so still that it seemed to belong rather to a lake than to a stream, five new canoes lay upturned on the shore. Their long, gracef...

  • Orloff and his Wife

    Orloff and his Wife

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    简介: Almost every Saturday, just before the All-Night Vigil Service,[1] from two windows in the cellar of merchant Petnnikoff\'s old and filthy house, opening on the narrow court-yard encumbered wit...

  • Rose of the World

    Rose of the World

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    简介: It is our fate as a nation, head and heart of a world empire, that much of our manhood must pursue its career far away from home. And it is our strength that these English sons of ours have tau...

  • The Last Frontier

    The Last Frontier

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    简介: The unknown lands are almost all discovered. The work of the explorer and the pioneer is nearly finished, and ere long their stern and hardy figures will have passed from the world\'s stage, ne...

  • The Law of the Bolo

    The Law of the Bolo

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    简介: The Law of the Bolo, which runs throughout the Philippine Islands, has the crowning merit of simplicity. Unlike the codes of other countries, with their folios of verbiage, their precedents, de...

  • The Tower of London

    The Tower of London

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    简介: The history of the Tower of London is so closely bound up with the history of England, from the Norman Conquest onwards, that it is very difficult to write a record of the one without appearing...

  • In the Days of Queen Mary

    In the Days of Queen Mary

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    简介: The sun was setting, and a rosy light filtered through the trees which enshrouded Chiddingly Place.

  • The Red Bicycle

    The Red Bicycle

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    简介: The dingy little cart containing the clean linen of the Rectory, was on its way by an unusually roundabout route. Neddy Mellin, the washer woman\'s son, who disliked work as much as he liked pl...

  • A Colored Man Round the World

    A Colored Man Round the World

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    简介: The Author of this book, though a quadroon, is pleased to announce himself the Colored man around the world. Not because he may look at a colored mans position as an honorable one at this age o...

  • The Blue Duchess

    The Blue Duchess

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    简介: Paul Bourget was born in the cathedral city of Amiens about fifty years ago, but there are a number of other interesting things to say about him. Like so many famous authors, he began, in 1873,...

  • Who was Lost and is Found

    Who was Lost and is Found

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    简介: One of the most respected inhabitants of the village, rather of the parish, of Eskholm in Mid-Lothian was Mrs Ogilvy, still often called Mrs James by the elder people who had known her predeces...

  • Letter That Have Helped Me

    Letter That Have Helped Me

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    简介: In the Path for May, 1887, we find these words: \"We need a literature, not solely for highly intellectual persons, but of a more simple character, which attempts to appeal to ordinary common-se...

  • Known to the Police

    Known to the Police

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    简介: The kind reception accorded to a previous book encourages me to believe that another volume dealing with my experiences in the great under-world of London may not prove unacceptable.

  • Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat

    Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat

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    简介: It was a few minutes after one o\'clockthe busiest hour of the day at the most popular bar in London. The usual little throng of Americans, journalists, men of business and loiterers, were occu...

  • My Fifteen Lost Years

    My Fifteen Lost Years

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    简介: The writing of this book has been to me no joyful task, as its making has been at the expense of much-needed rest and peace of mind. In returning to my dear native land after a long imprisonmen...

  • The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity

    The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity

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    简介: There are two fundamental problems in the life of the human mind, to one or other of which everything belongs that is to be discussed in this book. One of these problems concerns the possibilit...

  • Two Strangers

    Two Strangers

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    简介: And who is this young widow of yours whom I hear so much about? I understand Lucys rapture over any stranger; but you, too, mother