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  • The One Woman

    The One Woman

    作者:Thomas Dixon 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Quicka glass of water! A man sprang to his feet, beckoning to an usher. When he reached the seat, the woman had recovered by a supreme effort of will and sat erect, her face flushed with a...

  • The Man in Gray

    The Man in Gray

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: The fireflies on the Virginia hills were blinking in the dark placesbeneath the trees and a katydid was singing in the rosebush beside theportico at Arlington. The stars began to twinkle in the...

  • The Foolish Virgin

    The Foolish Virgin

    作者:Thomas Dixon 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Mary Adams, you're a fool! The single dimple in a smooth red cheek smiled in answer.

  • The Fall of a Nation

    The Fall of a Nation

    作者:Thomas Dixon 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: OVER a bleak hillside in Scotland the sun is sinking in the sea. A group of humble men and women stand before the Kings soldiers accused of disobedience to Royal command. They have been found g...

  • The Clansman

    The Clansman

    作者:Thomas Dixon 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: The Clansman is the second book of a series of historical novels planned on the Race Conflict. The Leopards Spots was the statement in historical outline of the conditions from the enfranchisem...

  • Comrades


    作者:Thomas Dixon 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Colonel Worth crumpled the morning paper with a gesture of rage and walked to the window. Elena followed softly and laid her hand on his arm.

  • Captain of the Crew

    Captain of the Crew

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: In this, as in the two preceding volumes of the seriesThe Half-Back and For the Honor of the Schoolan attempt is made to show that athletics rightly indulged in is beneficial to the average boy...

  • The Palace of Darkened Windows

    The Palace of Darkened Windows

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: A one-eyed man with a stuffed crocodile upon his head paused before the steps of Cairo's gayest hotel and his expectant gaze ranged hopefully over the thronged verandas. It was afternoon tea ti...

  • Ecstasy: A Study of Happiness

    Ecstasy: A Study of Happiness

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Dolf Van Attema, in the course of an after-dinner stroll, had called on his wifes sister, Cecile van Even, on the Scheveningen Road. He was waiting in her little boudoir, pacing up and down, am...

  • Ranching for Sylvia

    Ranching for Sylvia

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: It was evening of early summer. George Lansing sat by a window of the library at Brantholme. The house belonged to his cousin; and George, having lately reached it after traveling in haste from...

  • The Heart of Princess Osra

    The Heart of Princess Osra

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: The impatient cry was heard through all the narrow gloomy street, where the old richly-carved house-fronts bowed to meet one another and left for the eye's comfort only a bare glimpse of blue. ...

  • The Girls From Earth

    The Girls From Earth

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: "The beasts aren't much help, are they?" Karl Allen snatched a breath of air and gave another heave on the line tied to the raft of parampa logs bobbing in the middle of the river.

  • Salvador of the Twentieth Century

    Salvador of the Twentieth Century

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: "And so I penned It down, until at last it came to be, For length and breadth, the bigness which you see." Bunyan: Apology for his Book.

  • The Princess Sophia

    The Princess Sophia

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: THE independent principality of Rhodop lies, as everyone knows, on the wooded coast-line of Albania. Its territory, no greater than the area of the English counties palatine, is triangular in s...

  • Vagabonding Through Changing Germany

    Vagabonding Through Changing Germany

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: For those of us not already members of the famous divisions that were amalgamated to form the Army of Occupation, it was almost as difficult to get into Germany after the armistice as before. A...

  • A Topographical Account of Market Lavington

    A Topographical Account of Market Lavington

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Never in the history of this country has literature assumed so prominent a position as it does at the present time; not in one department only, but in the ample circle she travels, each present...

  • Stories of Childhood

    Stories of Childhood

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: They were friends in a friendship closer than brotherhood. Nello was a little Ardennois,Patrasche was a big Fleming. They were both of the same age by length of years, yet one was still young, ...

  • Witness to the Deed

    Witness to the Deed

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Malcolm Stratton, F.Z.S., naturalist, a handsome, dark-complexioned man of eight-and-twenty, started and flushed like a girl as he hurriedly thrust the photograph he had been apostrophising int...

  • The Boy Scouts for Home Protection

    The Boy Scouts for Home Protection

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Here it is springtime again, boys!

  • Aspects of Literature

    Aspects of Literature

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Two of these essays, 'The Function of Criticism' and 'The Religion of Rousseau,' were contributed to the Times Literary Supplement; that on 'The Poetry of Edward Thomas' in the Nation; all ...

  • Fragments of an Autobiography

    Fragments of an Autobiography

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: I well remember the terrors of a certain night when the wind was howling and the rain was beating down in torrents over the arid plains of the Lneburger Haide; between them they had blown or bl...

  • Pleasant Ways in Science

    Pleasant Ways in Science

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: It is very necessary that all who desire to become really proficient in any department of science should follow the beaten track, toiling more or less painfully over the difficult parts of the ...

  • Tom Pagdin, Pirate

    Tom Pagdin, Pirate

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: The Broadstream punt was grating gently on the pebbles at the South Side. Morning, gowned in silver grey, with trimmings of gold, still slept voluptuously on her divan in the Orient East. The m...

  • Conscience & Fanaticism; An Essay on Moral Values

    Conscience & Fanaticism; An Essay on Moral Values

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: In presenting this little volume to the public I am fully conscious of my presumption in introducing my personal views in a region where many hundreds of better qualified writers have devoted t...

  • Round the Sofa

    Round the Sofa

    作者:Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Most of these Stories have already appeared in Household Words: one, however, has never been published in England, and another has obtained only a limited circulation.

  • The Honorable Miss Moonlight

    The Honorable Miss Moonlight

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: THE day had been long and sultry. It was the season of little heat, when an all-encompassing humidity seemed suspended over the land. Sky and earth were of one monotonous color, a dim blue, whi...

  • Colonel Henry Ludington A Memoir

    Colonel Henry Ludington A Memoir

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: The part performed by the militia and militia officers in the War of the Revolution does not seem always to have received the historical recognition which it deserves. It was really of great im...

  • Roland Yorke

    Roland Yorke

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: The scene of this Prologue to the story about to be written was a certain cathedral town, of which most of you have heard before, and the time close upon midnight.

  • Tales and Trails of Wakarusa

    Tales and Trails of Wakarusa

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: "A Paradoxical philosopher, carrying to the uttermost length that aphorism of Montesquieu's, 'Happy the people whose annals are tiresome,' has said; 'Happy the people whose annals are vacant.' I...

  • The Simple Life

    The Simple Life

    作者:未知 分类:英语文学 状态:全本


    简介: Callers loaded with gifts, and tradesmen bending under packages, come and go in endless procession. The servants are at the end of their endurance. As for the family and the betrothed, they no ...